Born and raised in a small town in Mexico called Tequisquiapan, I am a curious and a story teller by nature. Everything started when I was 17 I didn't knew that I was going to found my passion in a camera.

Since I was very young I was very interested about travel and knowing other countries, I was looking for something extraordinary and discovered with my camera that the ordinary life is the most extraordinary thing, I studied photography at different schools México, Barcelona and NY, mastering the art of painting with light looking for images for the soul, from people, babies, and places to plates and travels. On my life journey I met incredible people and cultures, sometimes capturing them others just contemplating, I realize that the most satisfactory things in life are those moments that you share with anyone could be with Love, words, eating a delicious plate, listening great music, traveling or just capturing with a camera expressions of everything and everyone.

Today after traveling with my family we settle in Houston, and I keep doing what I love most.

Home is where the family is.